Monday, 25 July 2011

Spice Bollywood, Metro Centre

The prospect of a visit to the Metro Centre is enough to induce a small temper tantrum. It proudly boasts of being the largest shopping centre in Europe. In reality, I've found that this equates to crowds, screaming children, largely run of the mill shops, and the overwhelming challenge of finding a suitable outfit for Ladies' Day without losing my sanity (well, this was only the case last Thursday, but you get my point...)

Such events though can be made bearable if there's the promise of a decent meal at the end of the day. The Metro Centre isn't short of the usual chains... If you're after a Subway, McDonalds, Frankie and Benny's (my personal absolute non-favourite when it comes
to such places, but I'll leave that story for another day), you've come to the right place. Where though, do you go if that isn't your cup of tea?

Spice Bollywood has been tucked away in the Mediterranean Village for as long as I can remember, and I've returned countless times for post-shopping-trip refreshment. It's small and no nonsense, a simple cafe-come-restaurant serving up the usual Indian fare. The menu is by no means cutting edge or innovative, but includes something for everyone and the £9.99 three course lunch special is exceptionally good value.

We both had onion bhajis followed by lamb dupiaza. Both were faultless, and the lamb was fall-apart-on-your fork tender and rich.

The picture makes the dopiaza look too oily, which it wasn't. It also looks like I was arranging the dopiaza in a romantic heart shape, to woo a lover. This was coincidental, I was dining with my mam.

I had kheer for dessert, which I love. A fragrant rice pudding, delicately flavoured with cardamon pods and served cold. I'd happily eat it after any meal, though it rounds off an Indian especially well. My friend sadly didn't share the same sentiment... 'Cold rice pudding? Sounds shit.'

Service is great too - friendly and efficient.

Three courses each with 3 large glasses of Pinot Grigio came to £36. Great value, good food, and I challenge anyone to find anything better in the Metro Centre. Pop in next time you're shopping.

Oh, and I got a nice frock for the races too.

Result: 8/10.

Spice Bollywood
Unit 16-17
Mediterranean Village
Metro Centre
NE11 9XG


  1. I have never had kheer before but it sounds delicious!
    In reply to your comment on my blog i would really recommend Nigella, her recipes are always so easy to follow and they have always turned out great for me. If you want to bake more i suggest 'How to be a domestic goddess'

  2. You know, this blog looks so good since the re-designed header! Pleasantly surprised when I visited just now.