Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Town Wall, Newcastle

I think my boyfriend's flatmate may have actually taken up full-time residence in The Town Wall. That boy must be in there at least three times a week. His love for the place has even become a bit of an ongoing joke.. 'Where you off to today Jonny? The Town Wall for food, by any chance?' '..Well, yes actually. Bugger off'.

The newest addition to Pink Lane, an increasingly trendy quarter of the city, The Town Wall is housed in an impressive Grade II listed building which was once the living quarters and workplace of famous Northumbrian Thomas Bewick. It's a chilled out affair, spacious and airy yet still managing to feel quite cosy, exposed brickwork, vintage furniture, gastro-pub-esque.

The menu offers locally sourced traditional pub grub with a modern twist, and an impressive selection of beers and ales. It's simple food at decent prices. A good selection of starters and sharers, salads, sandwiches and larger mains. There's also a decent choice of gourmet burgers, handmade with 100% beef, and they're served pink. I like this. There aren't enough pink burgers being offered these days.

You see, the folks at the Food Standards Agency have been getting their knickers in a twist over this for some time now. Of course there is an extremely slight chance that such a burger could carry E.Coli. But look, I have a lottery ticket in my purse from last night that I haven't checked. This doesn't mean that I've told my boss to naff off and I'm currently purchasing the entire Chanel Autumn/Winter collection online, because the chances of me having won are probably fairly similar to being struck down by a horrible illness all because I like my burgers a bit pink in the middle. I'm confident of the meticulous standards in the British beef supply chain and in the kitchens of any eateries worth their salt. I applaud any restaurateur who is also confident of their own standards and are happy to take this entirely minuscule risk, in the name of serving the most enjoyable and highest quality food. Let us eat pink burgers, if we so wish.

So whilst I shall be returning very soon for a burger, on this occasion we went for less contentious fare, the sausage rolls with Heinz beans and chips, and a Greek salad. I know, I should have practiced what I preach. But the sausage rolls were meaty and succulent, the chips homemade and fluffy, and salad was fresh with good, salty cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Comfort food at its best.

The bill came to around £15, including two soft drinks. Bargain.

I'll be returning to The Town Wall, ideally on a Sunday. I'll be reading their papers, putting my feet up (metaphorically.. the furniture may be 'vintage', but let's not be taking liberties) and enjoying some good food and fine beers.

Go along, enjoy a burger of the best variety. And be sure to say hello to Jonny. He'll definitely be there.

Result: 9/10

The Town Wall
Pink Lane

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